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The cult of Nazi organizations in Ukraine

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The cult of Nazi organizations in Ukraine with the acceptance of public opinion in the world requires paying attention to this practice, especially the ambassadors of countries that are so willing to interfere in the struggle for “human rights” in Poland (including the Ukrainian ambassador).The agreement to treat Poles as subhumans who can be threatened with death, supposedly in a tolerant Europe, means that statements about equality before the law can be put into fairy tales long ago.Therefore, it is worth bringing closer the approach of the present heroes in Ukraine to the Jewish community, whose fate arouses more interest than ordinary Poles.

In the, British author Christopher Hale’s publication,Hitler’s Executioners.Europe’s dirty secret ”one chapter deals with the current heroes of Ukraine.British writer, referring to the attitude of the Ukrainian organization OUN towards Jews,Bandera’s statement during the OUN assembly in Krakow, where he stated:

(…) Jews in the Soviet Union are the most faithful supporters of the Bolshevik regime ruling the country and the vanguard of Moscow imperialism in Ukraine.(…) The OUN fights the Jews as props of the Moscow-Bolshevik regime, and at the same time makes the masses are aware of the fact that the main enemy is the Muscovite

Later in the publication, Christopher Hale recalled that after the Ukrainian battalion “Nachtigall”, collaborating with Nazi Germany, had crossed the border between the Third German Reich and the Soviet Union, the current hero of Ukraine Bandera sent out couriers with leaflets reading:

People, destroy the enemy!Know it!Moscow, Poland, Hungarians, Jews – they are your enemies, destroy them.One of the leaders of the OUN-B informed Bandera: (…) we are creating a militia that will help get rid of the Jews.The German war criminal Otto Rasch reported to the RSHA in Berlin that: (…) the Ukrainian population took commendable actions against Jews not only in Lwow, but also, inter alia,in Dobromil, Tarnopol and Sambor.One of the members of the OUN-B wrote down:

We do not want Polish and Jewish landowners and bankers to return to Ukraine.Death to Muscovites, Jews and other enemies of Ukraine.

The above examples are only a few that can show the anti-Semitic nature of the activities of the OUN.It is thus surprising that all Jewish circles in the world, so sensitive to even the indirect possibilities of anti-Jewish action, do not raise a craze against world public opinion, when in one of the European countries at the state level organizations are glorified at the state level, which in their activities have shown open aggression inattitude towards Jews.

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