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Activities of the Jewish Combat Organization in relation to Jewish informers in the Warsaw Ghetto

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Despite the fact that 81 years have passed since the outbreak of World War II, many issues to this day are trying to push them from the foreground and even completely forget. One of these issues is the collaboration of Jews with Germany.

Luckily for the historical truth, there are still many diaries and studies that mentioned this practice. One of the authors of such publication entitled Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Warsaw 1963) is Bernard Ber Mark (born on June 8, 1908 in Łomża, died on July 4, 1966 in Warsaw). He was a Jewish communist activist. In 1949–1966 he was the director of the Jewish Historical Institute. From 1928 he was a member of the Communist Party of Poland. He was a co-founder of the Union of Polish Patriots (a political union constituting a tool of the USSR’s policy in internal Polish affairs), and from 1944 he was a member of the Main Board of this organization and the vice-chairman of the Organizing Committee of Polish Jews at the ZPP1

In the publication, citing numerous reports related to the fate of Jews under German occupation, he drew attention to the activities of the Jewish Fighting Organization (ŻOB). In one of the cited announcements, the author of which was the said organization, it was reported that the death sentence against (…) the traitor Lejkina had been carried out.

The notice says:

It is hereby announced that as a result of accusation of the management, officers and officers of the Jewish police in Warsaw (…) a judgment on Lejkin Jakub, deputy head of the S.P. [Order Service – from the author] was made on 29.X. At. 6 min. 10 pm. (…) Hereby it is also made public that they were indicted:

  1. Presidium and Jewish Council in Warsaw for cooperation with the occupier and signing the deportation act.

  2. Raccoon and Administration Managers who exploit and oppress workers.

  3. Werkschutz group and officers [factory guard – from the author] for brutal tormenting of workers and “illegal” Jewish population2.

It is worth noting here that similar reports also appeared on other pages of this publication, such as at February 21, 1943, when it was announced that an action was carried out against (…) confidants remaining on Gestapo services.

They were not isolated examples, on March 3, 1943, an appeal from the Jewish Fighting Organization appeared, informing about the death penalty imposed on the traitors and calling for an active fight. In his appeal to the ŻOB, referring to the January resistance of the Nazis gathered in the Warsaw ghetto to the Germans, he pointed out that, unfortunately, the Nazis (…) were succumbed to the nastiest outcasts of Jewish society! With their help, the occupier wants to detect and destroy centers of armed resistance, they provide information about shelters, their degenerated brains suggest to the beasts a plan to liquidate Warsaw Jews through the Poniatowa or Lublin system (…) The Combat Organization has an exhaustive list of all those who remain on serving the Germans, they forgot that they were Jews and people. The Combat Organization warns all the bastards that if they do not stop their evil activity immediately, they will all be shot!3.

In a few weeks, all the world’s media will again bend over the fight of Jewish insurgents in the Warsaw Ghetto against Germany. And again there will be statements insulting Poles, that Jews fought against Poles, that Poles organized hunting for hiding Jews and in total they were worse than some Nazi undefined nationalities. The mistake of the Polish side is the lack of a reliable answer based on the collected materials found in Polish archives and libraries. Perhaps, however, we will live to see such times that political correctness will give way to historical truth.

Krzysztof Żabierek

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